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About the Club

The purpose of this club is to build a community of students that will support, challenge, and encourage one another in the web3 blockchain/crypto space by offering a platform for networking, career development, and more!


Educate students about Blockchain by taking interactive workshops & arranging sessions of experienced professionals.


Form tie-ups and relationships with blockchain clubs across pune in other universities and colleges.


Benefits to SIT students


Allow students to cultivate their interest & skills in blockchain in an informal environment.


Reinforce the relevance of blockchain to students’ everyday lives.


Expand students’ skills by conducting workshops, cohorts, or community outreach events.


Provide internships & job opportunities to students in the blockchain domain.

Past Events

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To join the club, students must first register using this link.

  • Active participation and commitment to club activities are required. It is expected that you would organise and volunteer to set up numerous activities. The core team is open to all students.

  • Activities such as solidity workshops, dapp building, Crypto are few of the many other activities that we will be conducting.

  • The Blockchain club is open to anyone who wants to learn and is willing to put in the effort. There will be introductory sessions for anyone who is new to coding. Learning materials and resources will also be made available.

  • Yes, anyone who wants to learn more about blockchain technology can become a member of the club.

  • The students arent expected to have any prior knowledge of blockchain as we will be teaching it from the basics but a student can better learn them if he / she takes the initiative to further research and learn the things that we introduce them to.


Our team is always here to help

Swanand Wagh


Hitanshu Samantaray

Vice President

Ratnesh Jain

Technical Head

Sumedh Dixit

Design Head

Arnav Gupta

Networking Head

Varsha Iyer

Events Head

Aniket Thorat

Social Relations Head

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Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Lavale Campus, Pune, India.



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